Trivia & Community Challenges

2010 BUILD Trivia Challenge Questions:

  • What is the actual date of BUILD’s 1st meeting? Sept 15, 2000
  • What event prompted the beginning of BUILD? Main Street Improvement Project
  • Name the 2 choices of events that BUILD hosts for new businesses?  Ribbon Cutting or Welcome Coffee
  • Has BUILD ever charged “dues”? No
  • Name 2 current meeting attendees (Aug 2010) who were in attendance at the very first BUILD meeting? Terri Scholting, Paul McManis
  • Name the locations BUILD has held meetings? City Office, Gambinos, Art Chicks, Senior Center, Assisted Living,
  • Who was the lighting company that BUILD originally hired to install lights on Main Street buildings? Yard Art
  • Where is BUILD’s time capsule located? Under the concrete along front of city building/flower bed.
  • What year was the time capsle put there? 2000
  • Name the BUILD President’s: Lynn Berner Smith, John Harrington, Terri Scholting.
  • At the first BUILD meeting a date to hold monthly meetings was decided? What date was set? 2nd Tues of every month
  • Where was the meeting held on the morning of Sept 11, 2001? Senior Center
  • Name BUILD projects that remain in place today: Welcome Sign Hwy 50 & 5th St & Hwy 50, Ash Grove & Depot St, Building Lights, Welcome Bags, Maps/Directory, flags, fireworks stand, BUILD logo window stickers, wooden nickels.
  • Name the slogan that was officially approved by BUILD  “We Appreciate Your Business!  What was it before it was changed? “Show Your Loyalty, Shop In Louisville”.